Student Senate is dedicated to improving your NJIT experience. We stand to represent the student body. We act as liaisons between students and administrators to discuss academic policies, campus facilities, university requirements, and funding of student events and organizations.


Public Relations

Public relations committee works to engage students and inspire institutional agency. We publicize senate information, events, and run it's online presence.

Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Committee is the arm of NJIT Student Senate directly focused on the everyday issues that affect the student body. We are committed to improving student satisfaction with academics, student life and the NJIT campus. This committee uses student-generated feedback and works to enact real and lasting change on the issues that matter most to you.


This committee is in charge of helping student organizations become Senate Recognized. We work with groups of students that want to bring a new club or revive an old one to help add to the diversity at NJIT.


Management Committee is responsible for helping run Senate events, managing and distributing inventory equipment, and ensuring a clean office and available supplies for the Student Senate.


This committee is responsible for holding finance hearings and approving budgets for club events, conferences, and competitions. It is also responsible for following up with clubs and answering any finance related questions a club may have. At the end of the academic year, this committee is responsible for helping create a budget for the next fiscal year.

Judicial Review

The Judicial Review Committee is responsible for holding hearings regarding the impeachment of Senators. The committee is also responsible for recommending the the suspension of and the duration of suspension of an organization.


The Elections Committee is responsible for facilitating a fair elections process. They approve election packets, run the election table, count votes and give sanction points to those who violate the election rules.

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs committee is a new committee branching off of student affairs. It focuses on all in-classroom concerns such as academic policy and curriculum design.