• Study and make recommendations to the NJIT Student Senate regarding academic issues on campus.

  • Hold hearings with administrators and department chairpersons regarding academics

  • Provide a forum for students regarding academic concerns

  • Prepare and present resolutions and/or other results that may change the current academic issues

  • Study and make recommendations to the NJIT Student Senate regarding new courses and schedules

  • Work to maintain common hours and regulate common hour exams


Student-at-Large List
Manish Singh
Email: ss-vpa@njit.edu
Pier Paolo Pala
Rushabh Mehta
Harshit Ratanpara
Steve Diaz
Brian Smighelschi
Dhanush Sureshbabu
Elijah Mattew
Niyam Shah
Michael Salgaldo
Nishanth Gona
Manogna Guduru
Ivan Stiscia
Aisha Masadeh
Darshan Narang
Tej Patel
Yasmine Ibrahim


Resolution Description Document
Decrease Class Time Resolution
This resolution would shorten the length of academic instruction in the class by 5 minutes, so that students have enough time to get to their next class.
Add/Drop Date
This resolution would increase the amount of days in between the start of classes in the Fall and Spring semester. The Add/Drop date would be increased to NINE business days instead of the current FIVE business days time period. This extension of days shall fall on the second Friday after the start of classes in the Fall and Spring semesters. Add/Drop Date
Adviser Evaluation
This resolution would set up an academic adviser evaluation system for the purposes of discovering and correcting issues undergraduate students are experiencing with their academic advisers and coordinators. Adviser Evaluation
This resolution would initiate the grade/pass/fail option to be utilized by the Undergraduate students. The Grade/Pass/Fail option is like a life saver option that needs to be activated through the ninth week of the semester. The option can only be used twice in your years at NJIT and would allow students to choose whether or not they receive a letter grade for a course with a student-set threshold for grading. Grade/Pass/Fail