About Constitution Committee

Our Duties

This committee is in charge of helping student organizations become Senate Recognized. We work with groups of students that want to bring a new club or revive an old one to help add to the diversity at NJIT.


  • Create and Publish a new Club Packet
  • Restructure the Probationary Period for New Clubs
  • Create  Club Handbook
  • Create a more structured Club Approval Process

Student Feedback

Public Office Hours

This committee is in charge of reviewing all constitutional policies and rules of organizations. As well as maintaining a file of constitutions and membership lists for all NJIT Student Senate Organizations. The committee is also responsible for recommending the suspension of, the duration of suspension, and the reinstatement of an organization that has failed to comply with ‘good standing’ provisions. 

Committee Members


Chair: Panchajanya Vangapandu

Contact: ss-clubs@njit.edu



Mark Neubauer

Manish Singh

Harpuneet Kaur

Michael Salgaldo

Michael Tadros

Dhanush Sureshbabu

Shivam Kanbur

Kishan Patel

Student at Large