About Finance Committee

Our Duties

Student Feedback

Public Office Hours

  • Review financial procedures and recommend changes and addition to the financial rules
  • Assist in creating the succeeding fiscal year budget for Student Senate and review any student activities budget when necessary
  • Hold finance hearings for Y and Z clubs and approve of their budgets for event, competitions, and conferences

This committee is responsible for holding finance hearings and approving budgets for club events, conferences, and competitions. It is also responsible for following up with clubs and answering any finance related questions a club may have. At the end of the academic year, this committee is responsible for helping create a budget for the next fiscal year.


  • Revamp the finance process
  • Be more personable to club
  • Make all form submissions electronic
  • Allow a greater range of prizes for clubs to give out
  • Update Finance Hearing Protocol by improving the questions

Committee Members


Mansi Seth

Contact: ss-vpf@njit.edu | 908.745.1885


Pritinder Singh- Treasurer

Vishal Dhandhukia- Event Planner

Jaasrini Vellore – Club Manager

Panchajanya Vangapandu- Club Manager

Aswina Ranasinghe – Senator, Civil Engineering Representative

Dylan Renaud – Senator, Physics Representative

Pier Paolo Pala – Senator, Architecture Representative

Steve Diaz – Senator, Computer Science Representative

Walter Ayllon- Senator, Freshman Commuter Representative

Student at Large

Akshay Somana