Event Review Form

Student Senate recognized clubs and organizations must submit an Event Review of within a week of any events they hold. Two of these are required per semester as a record of an organization's activity. 

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Copy Request Form

This form is used to submit any copy requests for Senate recognized clubs/organizations.  Forms need to be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to date of event. You can expect your copies within one week of submission. 

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Budget Request Form/ GDS Catering Form

Submit this form to the Vice President of Finance to request a senate budget hearing. Student organizations can request up to $750. 

The new online form also allows one to submit a request for GDS catering  at an event or meeting.  This form takes 14 business days to process.

The GDS Catalog is available upon request from the Vice President of Finance or GDS themselves. 

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Senate Van Request

Submit to request the Student Senate Van for transportation purposes. This takes 2 weeks to process.


Senate Van Trip Card

Request for Payment Forms

This form is used for all Reimbursements. You must attach your receipts and the flyer for your event to this form to CC 280.

Reimbursement form

Event Prize Receipt form is the form must be filled out to document all prize winners.

Event Prize Receipt form

This form is used for Petty Cash requests (Costs under $50) . The form is due within 10 days of the event or purchase. 

Petty Cash Form


Supply Request Form

This form will be used to order office supplies for your organization. It is due within the first week of the semester. (You can expect supplies to be delivered within three weeks.)

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Conference Request Form

This form takes 4 weeks to process.

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Electronic Media and Item Form

This form is for the reservation of electronic media and items from the Student Senate. This takes 2 weeks to process.

For more Audio - Visual needs, you can contact NJIT ITMS at itms-request.njit.edu

For even more sound needs, contact the WJTB Radio Club here at least two weeks before the event. 

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Competition Request Form

This form takes 4 weeks to process.

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Item Reservation Catalog

This is a catalog of equipment that Student Senate has available for the above request form.


Speaker/Performer Contract

This form must be submitted for any speaker or performer coming to NJIT. This form should be handed in 4 weeks before the performance date. 


End of Year Awards

This form is used by X and Y clubs that are in good standing to request up to 2 award plaques for academic year. This form is due on the first Friday in April. Once the plaques are available, clubs will be notified. 


New Student Organization Registration

Students wishing to start a new Senate recognized student organizations must complete this form.

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Club Re-Registration

Clubs must re-register at the beginning of each academic year to let Student Senate know they plan to be active. This includes uploading your constitution, current membership list, and filling out a Re-Registration form. 

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Submit Constitution & Membership List

S.O.S.A.C Form

This form is used to request office space from the campus center. It is due on May 2nd of each academic year. 

We are currently trying to develop an online system for this form. In the meantime, the packet can be downloaded here