The Public Relations committee is the face of senate. We help coordinate and plan outreach events, publicize information, and generate awareness. Often this includes standing around interacting with students at events and making countless posters, but we also run the web and social media presence of Student Senate. If you want to encourage student involvement or spread word about the administrative happenings, PR Committee is the place to be.

Our Members

Student-at-Large List
Michael Tadros
E-mail: ss-pr@njit.edu
Astha Sharma
Himavarsha Ravi
Kimberly Prince
Manish Singh
Mark Neubauer
Manogna Guduru
Mehek Parikh
Paul Adedeji
Sophia Mufti
Sophia Chan
Suzy Hinka
Yanira Morales
Amanda Azer
Anna Baronos
Beshoy Shokralla
Danny Goncalves
Emma Bekhet
Hala Abbas
Jackie Santana
Lauren Faber
Maniroopa Morasa
Rony Khoury
Sailaja Kuchibhatla
Shilpi Ratel
Web Masters
Event Planner
Sailaja Kuchibhatla
Anna Baronos
Maniroopa Morasa
Emma Bekhet