Student Affairs works to create tangible changes on campus. It is considered the heart and soul of Student Senate, with several senators and student-at-larges collaborating to improve various aspects of our campus.


GDS Subcommittee

Transportation & Safety Subcommittee

Newark Network Subcommittee

Library Subcommittee

Campus Center Subcommittee

Student-at-Large List
Yasmine Elfarra
E-mail: ss-vpsa@njit.edu
Niyam Shah
Ayeh Khalil
Aditya Patwardhan
Youssef Abdelrehem
Jeremy Bedient
Kush Patel
Omar Sardena
Roy Samuel
Noreen Kamel
David Monroe
Yasmine Ghattas
Paul Bosin
Lellas Alhallak
Irtaza Ali
Kelvin Siebeng
Moksha Seth
Colton Prentzel
Thierry Morkos Doueihi
Victoria Nguyen
Heather Alhallak
Aisha Masadeh
William Joe McCann


  • Increase safety on campus by establishing a close-knit relationship between students

    and public safety. In addition, improve the student life by bringing to campus new

    methods of transportation.

  • Improve student-dining experience both on and off campus by bringing variety,

    cleanliness, and quality to eateries. Aim to develop relationships and programs with off

    campus eating areas to offer students more options.

  • Continue to bring to campus aesthetics by working on renovations and making our

    library, GDS, residence halls, and academic buildings an attractive area to be.

  • Improve the Newark/NJIT relationship by expanding senate endeavors to the city of

    Newark by hosting service events, U-Loop Project, Discount Program, etc.

  • Convert student feedback into active changes, while keeping entire process transparent

    for student observation and participation


Public Office Hours

The Student Affairs Committee is nothing without the input of the student body. To receive student feedback on important issues, we have implemented weekly Public Office Hours. During Public Office Hours, the Student Senate tables in the Campus Center to hold a survey on a specific topic and to provide a place where students can address their problems and concerns.


Every semester the Student Affairs Committee participates in the SAFRB proposal process. SAFRB, or Student Activity Fund Review Board is a budget allocated to make one-time purchases that benefit the entire student body.


Water Bottle Filling Stations
Installation of a water bottle filling station to replace fountains in the PC Student Mall, FMH, Microelectronics Center, Namoli Tennis Center and Colton Hall
Water Bottle 2
Library 1st Floor Lounge Furniture
Replacement of Van Houten Library lobby furniture with a redesigned furniture layout
1st Floor Lounge
Solar ConnecTable
Installation of two Solar Connectables in the Campus Center Plaza to serve as seating with charging and hotspot capabilities
Solar Table
Plaza Outdoor Furniture initiative
Replacement of Campus Center Plaza tables with new tables in a redesigned layout
CC Plaza Furniture
Gym Equipment
Purchase of 3 Olympic bars, 1 Ham Bench, 1 Curl Bar, 1 Barbell Jack, 1 Reverse Hyper Machine
Gym Equipment Proposal
Charging Locker in Library
Installation of a Kwikboost charging locker in the library to allow students to refresh their phones and laptops while they are not present.
Charging Station Proposal
Charging Station in Library
Installation of charging stations in the library to enable studying students to charge their phone
Charging Station Proposal
Project Highlander: Outdoor Sculpture Proposal
Installation of an outdoor sculpture of the highlander logo near the current location of the old athletics center
Outdoor Sculpture Proposal
SOMA Musical Initiative
New musical instruments (Oboe, Bassoon, Xylophone, Cymbals, 5-piece practice drum set, Euphonium, Clarinet, Assorted Percussion Instruments) available for use by Society of Musical Arts and available for students to play in the Music Room.
SOMA Proposal