Election 2017: Science, Technology & Society – Zaineb Zubair

Zaineb ZubairCandidate for Science, Technology & Society 1 My name is Zaineb Zubair and I […]

Election 2017: Mechanical Engineering – Ian Kremen

Ian KremenCandidate for Mechanical Engineering 1 My name is Ian Kremen and I am a […]

Election 2017: Mechanical Engineering – Elijah Mathew

 Elijah MathewCandidate for Mechanical Engineering 1 Hello my name is Elijah Mathew and I am currently […]

Election 2017: Mathematical Sciences – Nishanth Gona

 Nishanth GonaCandidate for Mathematical Sciences 1 I am Nishanth Gona, a first-year student majoring in Mathematical […]

Election 2017: Law, Technology, & Culture – Michael Tadros

Michael TadrosCandidate for Law, Technology, & Culture 1 Visibility & Productivity. My goal is to make […]

Election 2017: Information Technology – Maniroopa Morasa

Maniroopa MorasaCandidate for Information Technology 1 My name is Maniroopa Morasa and I am a freshman […]

Election 2017: Information Technology – Himavarsha Ravi

Himavarsha RaviCandidate for Information Technology 1 My name is Himavarsha Ravi, Junior, majoring in Information Technology […]

Election 2017: Biology – Ayeh Khalil

Ayeh KhalilCandidate for Biology 1 Hi everyone. My name is Ayeh Khalil and I am the […]

Election 2017: Bioinformatics – Chandani Patel

Chandani PatelCandidate for Bioinformatics 1 Name: Chandani Patel           Position: Bioinformatics Representative Major: Bioinformatics Year:  Second Year […]

Election 2017: Architecture – Spoorthi Bhatta

Spoorthi BhattaCandidate for Architecture 1 Architecture – Senior – 4th Year   Accomplishments: Resident Assistant for […]