• Work on commuter friendly events (Daytime: enjoyable)
  • Break the divide between Greek, Athletes, and everyone else (Unity)
  • Improve weekend activities for [mainly] residents/ whoever is here (working w/ Reslife)
  • Include upper level administration/faculty in our event
  • Increase attendance by maximizing use of social media & incentivizing participation

Student Feedback

Public Office Hours

This committee is in charge of all the annual senate run events that we will have on campus. The goal is to create events that fulfill the following: engaging students to come out and participate in the events, bring something new to campus that as many people as possible can relate to, and promote overall school spirit and pride. A few examples of the events we will be working on are Casino night, Week of Winter, and Spring week. Lastly, we will always serve as the liaisons between the student body the Athletics department, and Greek Council. This last task includes promoting unity events, and working with all organizations to better both our events and their events. Some people that would fit in well into this committee are people who are involved on campus (athletes, greek life, and clubs), people who can speak for a large variety of our student population, and people who are willing to dedicate the time to ensuring that our events all go off without a hitch.

Committee Members


Pritinder Singh   Contact: ss-tres@njit.edu | 732.675.8347

Vishal Dhandhukia, Event Planner

Students at Large

Alex Ortega 

Hamzah Syed 

Kellen Kadakia



Adel Soliman

Amar Jain

Aswina Ranasinghe

Manogna Guduru

Dorothy Chau

Mahmoud Elashri

Neil Hoogmoed